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About Us

We design and develop websites that are an extension to your business, to grow your leads, sales and encourage your customers to have a deeper engagement with your business.

Our Company

Web Design Davao is dedicated to providing professional websites that focused on making your presence on the Internet a memorable one. We understand the importance of getting it right first time and partner with you to deliver your ideas and concepts to the world as the professional website you deserve.

What We Do

We specialize in creating websites, web apps and mobile apps that are scalable, reliable and effective. All of our great designs are enhanced for a seamless user experience to ensure your site is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing the ideal combination of form and function.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple: We aim to be the most trusted and innovative web design team in Davao, the Philippines and the world. We aim to listen to your requirements and concepts, and then make it a reality for you.

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We start with you and what message you want to deliver with your new website.


We work with our talented team to create the best solution and design to make that message a reality.


Then it is our team of developers turn to make the magic happen and build the website that will carry your message to the world.


We will attend to the final details and test your web site. We will ensure that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.


Your website delivered on time, on budget and on trend.

Fast, Easy Delivery

Most web design companies take months to create what only takes us weeks. We just do things differently. We are constantly working to improve our web design process. Using the most advanced technology and a lean production model, we cut days off our website design and development time so you can start building a better online presence sooner.

Our Team

Who we are?

MARIVEL – Owner/HR Manager

Like so many people when they start working, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for a career. I had dreams of becoming a teacher, but unfortunately due to circumstances that didn’t eventuate, so instead of studying I started on my path in the BPO industry. When I entered the BPO industry it was not because it was the in-demand job like it is now in the Philippines, but because I naturally loved to have conversations with people and thought that the challenge would be welcomed in the absence of studying. Well at the age of 17 I moved from Tarlac province to Manila and got a start in the BPO Industry, I remember my recruiter referring to my lack of a college degree and age as a disadvantage during my interview, but that my willingness and passion made her prepared to give a chance and I was hired. I consequently spent the next 6 years working for various BPO Call Centres and was exposed to many different accounts, all the while fine tuning my skills and advancing my positions each time. My confidence continued to grow and after meeting my now husband we made the decision to relocate to Davao City in Davao del Sur. It was there that I had the choice to make, whether to continue working in the BPO industry for someone else or try and create my own business that allowed me to use the skills I had gathered over the years working within the BPO Industry and apply them to a venture of my own. So M. Garcia Virtual Services and Web Design Davao was born and to this date, is my career highlight and allows me to work with my husband and a fantastic team of staff that we have grown over the years. We cater for voice and technical support accounts specifically within the Australian market and also offering affordable, responsive and functional websites to the Australian market and the local Philippines market alike. Our services at Web Design Davao include website design and development, app development, online marketing with SEO and social media marketing, and graphic design services. All of these services are targeted to market businesses to the world, allowing for many businesses to have the ability to have an online presence. I continue to have conversations with new customers and love to see the smiles on their faces when we reveal there new projects for the first time, it is great to know that I am helping our customers with our great websites and online marketing services. If you are in need of any of these services, I am confident that my team and I can surely assist. Follow me on:

MARIE – Payroll Manager

Hi, I’m Marie and I’m the Payroll Manager of Web Design Davao. Payroll is a complex and crucial component of business therefore abilities and skills of payroll administrator can make a huge difference in eliminating mistakes and help boost productivity. I don’t love mathematics that much but I fully appreciate that the role requires numeracy and problem solving skills, I am always prepared to deal promptly and efficiently with miscalculations and compliance issues as they arise.

I am flexible enough to maintain high standard of compliance, responsible, proficient with industry software, possess administrative skills with the knowledge of general office duties and organisational ability, leadership skills, decision making skills and has the ability to plan and prioritise as there are tasks which requires immediate attention, without compromising other things. Follow me on:

DUARNE – Sales and Marketing Manager

I have a vast number of years working in sales and marketing within a number of industries, primarily in Channel Management and Development. My most recent roles had me focused on Telco and Cloud Computing, where I was responsible for helping business introduce a Telco and Cloud Computing component to their existing business. This involved assisting with their marketing strategy, both traditionally and digitally. It was here that I discovered my passion for working with businesses to develop a successful online marketing plan that would allow them to have a digital presence to compete with business much larger than theirs.

The one thing that always remains the same regardless of the industry or the product is that without an understanding of the benefits of your products and services, you will never successfully be able to help your customers find a solution that really fits them.

Over the past decade working in various sales and customer relationship management roles I witnessed many examples of both good and terrible customer service. I have always found that the best customer service was when the customer remained informed, even when faced with bad news. A transparent customer relationship has allowed me to gain friends with the people that started as customers, become their trusted advisor in matters related to their business and be the one they can rely on for honest feedback.

While sales and marketing is always a large focus for businesses, I have always stood by the fact that it is the customers that determine the future of a business and their decision to continue working with your business is what allows for your businesses growth.

My approach to sales is simple, I listen to my customer and ask questions. From this, I then create a strategy to deliver a solution that solves their problems. It sounds simple but the results are happy customers.

ALEX – General Manager

The funny guy, the comedian, the guy that is there to brighten the room, that’s what most people tend to see me as. In saying that the serious guy, is how people whom I have worked with would tend to describe me, as when it comes to work responsibilities I take that role very seriously. As for how I see myself, I’m just a guy… who can just happen to be funny or serious or anything else in between.

I am approachable and encourage people to talk to me anytime and am more than happy to discuss almost anything under the sun, or even the moon for that matter. That being said I have always had what some may call an obsession with all things with 2 wheels. When I was a child I would ride from dust to dawn if I could, and that has not really changed until now, with the exception being that now I have a choice of engine or not. I love riding whether that is a motorcycle or regular 10 speed bicycle, I just love the freedom it offers, the exploration that it enables and the general happiness it gives me.

I am also somewhat of an amateur photographer that enjoys capturing the essence of street culture with my photography, I tend to look for the unusual in the normal. It is nothing for me to venture out for hours on my bike and get indulged in a session of photography in what others may consider a simple and uninteresting location, yet I manage to capture the beauty there.

My current role is much different in many ways to what I did previously for a national broadcasting station and the industry is also very different to what I am used to, yet I still manage to draw similarities. I am not an expert in IT or Web Design and Development, but what I lack there I duly make up with my people management skills and experience. I am learning more every day about the industry I have chosen to be apart of and I love the challenges it presents.

I spent more than 20 years in the radio broadcasting industry and loved almost every moment of it, and one of the things that I find similar from that industry and this one, is they are both filled with wonderfully talented people that I have the privilege to work with.

People management is often described as a nightmare task, tough and hard to do, yet I approach it as a way to help the company and the staff come to a mutually beneficial arrangement where all will prosper. Observation has become one of my great skills and has allowed me to learn about each and every one of my colleagues, to help them improve and grow in their roles.

My style may not be how others approach management but has proven its effectiveness for more than 10 years and I am proud to say that many of my staff are still close to me and have my respect. My advice for all is to start every conversation by listening first and talking second.

CHARLES – Executive Assistant

I am a keen cyclist and during my downtime love to play computer games. I have discovered a newfound interest in Motorcycles and am planning to purchase my first soon.

I love my work because I get to know the technical side of different businesses and to be more proactive when it comes to getting accurate details. I get to know different kinds of people and their attitudes and get to know what they want or how to work with them. I want to lead people someday and become more and more successful. My hobbies are cycling and recently I’m fond of researching and knowing the technical side of motorcycles.

I have great expectations for my future and career 🙂

Development Team

JAY – Team Lead Web Developer

My name is Tugz and I am the web development team leader. I am a very active person and try to maintain a balanced attitude to work. Managing and developing websites is a challenge I enjoy. In my spare time I love to cycle. My strength, I hope, is my humanity. If I am going in the right direction then I like to stand tall, but I do accept constructive criticism. Follow me on:

BERNIE – Assistant Team Lead Web Developer

Hi I am Bernie, I tend to be serious but at the same time curious. I really enjoy doing web development using WordPress. Hobbies include playing the guitar and singing, also the occasional movie. My strength is my dedication, my family and thoughts for the future. I consider myself as a Man that is full of curiosity. Follow me on:

RON – Web Developer

When I am not working hard at enhancing my development skills, I like to unwind by playing online games. I enjoy being challenged in my role and love that my Team Leader pushes me to improve my skills every day. I take all of this and channel it to perform even better in my role. Follow me on:

SATURNINO – Web Developer

I tend to come across as quite serious and always try to have a positive outlook on life. I like to watch movies, dining out, trips to the beach and mountains in my downtime. I always wanted to be a great web developer/programmer and that’s why I am passionate about learning new coding techniques while developing websites. Follow me on:

JASON – Web Developer

I am a very passionate Christian that loves to give back in my free time to the lord and the people that need it most. I am a gentle soul that tries to share kindness in my actions towards others. My goal is to become the most skilled developer in my industry while maintaining my faith. Follow me on:

Design Team

MARK – Team Lead Designer

I’m Makiz and the design team leader; I really enjoy the challenging nature of my work. The idea of bringing someone’s dreams to life really makes me happy. Outside of work my passions include mobile gaming, reading manga and watching movies. My daughter is an inspiration to me and has made me mature and become better at what I do. Integrity means a lot to me. Follow me on:

ADRIAN – Web Designer

When I am not working towards my goal of being an expert designer, I love to eat and drink with my friends. I have a pet fish that I really enjoy caring for and am equally passionate about my design work. Follow me on:

DEL – Web Designer

I would describe myself as a great listener and always up for an adventure. I love nothing more than to ride my Scooter with my friends to visit every corner of Mindanao. I work hard through the week and the weekends are about the road and looking for the next adventure.

I love being challenged with design and find the creative outlet for me to express my thoughts through my designs. I love being a designer and working with my colleagues in the office.

A great designer can tell a story through their work.

Online Marketing Team

JOHN – Team Lead SEO/Online Marketing Specialist

Hi my name is John and I am the team leader for SEO/Online marketing. I am a highly motivated person who is dedicated to achieving the best results, as my job is full of challenges and excitement. Outside work I love to play Dota and really enjoy research. My Main strength is I always strive for Quality Output, plus I always seek to make improvements. Follow me on:

JEFFREY – Online Marketing Assistant

When I am not at work I love reading, playing badminton, playing the xylophone and watching movies. I am also passionate about learning new skills, I have a positive attitude towards every task and am dedicated to achieving the best result and strive for Quality Output.

I find my role challenging and yet rewarding, when you start with a new client and with your efforts see them starting to improve their ranking results on Google it is a great feeling to know you helped make that happen.

I’m always open to learning new skills to enhance my knowledge and improve my skills.

NINA – Content Creator

I am a writer and love to learn about new things as I research the topics I write about, I enjoy the challenge of writing a unique piece. I am always looking for new ways to approach my writing and use many techniques and styles to my writing.

When I am not working you will find me doing arts and crafts or doing something related to Pop Culture and Cosplay. I also love collecting “Gudetama” and tend to have a very sweet tooth.


SHELLA – Voice Team Leader

I am very passionate about my role and I love that I have the ability to further my skills in leadership. I have always found that my patient is a great asset when working with people and it has helped me achieve my career goals. You can find me relaxing listening to music, watching reality TV shows or movies in my time off. I really love the culture that my office offers and find it so uplifting and motivating. Follow me on:

TINA – Voice Agent

I love to cook and snuggle into a good movie in my downtime, but am always excited to join in a fun run or marathon. I feel that my positive attitude is a beacon for me in my life and has helped me to surround myself with like-minded people. I love my role and one day hope that I can start a business of my own.

Follow me on:

PATRICK – Voice Agent

I love nothing more than finding a quiet spot to read a book or take in a movie. My goal is to develop my skills to the point where I can be the IT Admin of a large company and to use the skills I have developed over the years in my career. I am a hard worker that loves to listen to music while I get lost in my work. I take pride in the fact that I help businesses in the backend, where a single mistake can have severe ramifications, which motivates me to perform my tasks at the highest levels. Follow me on:

GLENN – Voice Agent

I am an avid bird keeper and love to go home and care for my birds. At work, I aim to improve my skills and learn something new each day, all while trying to remain cooperative, helpful and respectful to my fellow colleagues. I really enjoy how engaging my role is and that it encourages me to use my skills to deliver the results for our clients. Follow me on:

ODRA – Voice Agent

When I am not catching up on some sleep you will find me out with friends or watching a good movie. I love that my role allows me to interact with different cultures and I really enjoy that I am developing every day, both professionally and as a person. I am forever pushing to pursue my dreams and reach my personal goals.

JERICHO – Voice Agent

I love to use my free time to focus on writing poems and maintaining my blog. When I find the time to go out I usually am on a Food Adventure and experiencing a new resto.

I am a very detail oriented person in my life and at work, this a very useful skill in my role as I can quickly identify issues and address them. When I am at work I am laser focused on achieving my tasks as accurately as possible and love to know that my efforts really help the business.

I am grateful for my metabolism, more food adventures to come 🙂

LUHERNA – Voice Agent

I am a nature lover, I find joy in the simple things. I love to share my experiences with my loved ones and find myself offering positive advice to my friends frequently. In my spare time I love to spend time in my garden and tending to my flowers and vegetables.

I have a vast experience working across the globe for many different businesses in Procurement and pride myself on my skills and working experience. I always try to make myself approachable and helpful to my colleagues.

I believe that success is there if you work hard for it 🙂

JOHN – Voice Agent

My hobbies are watching information and how-to-guides on Youtube, riding my motorcycle, vlogging and tinkering. In the not so distant future, I am always working towards improving myself in my career and hope to further my role to a management role in the future.

Something interesting about me is that, I’m a “Jack of all trades” type of person, “knows everything (almost everything), master of nothing”, I would rather relate to any topic to keep conversations going rather just knowing one craft that others may not relate to.

Our Work

Each project starts with a custom web design, uniquely designed to meet the online needs of your business. Besides looking and working great on all browsers and mobile devices, we make sure our sites convert more visitors into buyers by using best web design practices.