Common Mistakes On Your Website That Effect Your Credibility

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Business Website

Today, a website is crucial for building your brand and growing your business. Unfortunately, not every business owner can hire a professional to create a custom website. When creating a website design for a business, there are several things to avoid at all costs. Keep reading to learn what some of the biggest website design mistakes are to ensure they can be avoided.

Bad Grammar

If someone visiting a website notices a grammatical error, the business is going to lose credibility instantly. This isn’t the case when everything is perfect.

When a person is developing or updating their site, they need to carefully review all text and content to ensure there aren’t any mistakes. While this may seem tedious, it’s a crucial task.

Excessive Wait Times

Today, few people will wait for more than a few seconds for a website to load. If the site has a slow loading speed, it’s going to deter potential customers from trying to get more information immediately. This is also going to reduce the likelihood that a customer will try to get more information, buy a product, or book a call. That’s because today, everyone expects convenience and speed.

There’s too Much Going On

Even though it can be tempting to create a website with a “wow” factor, it’s actually something that can be both confusing and distracting for anyone that lands on the site. A quality website is going to offer visitors strong visual content and branding while providing an easy to read font and easy to use navigation.

Websites that use a white background, along with dark fonts combined with colourful photos are usually more effective because of the contrast and clarity they offer. If a website owner is trying to achieve a more colourful approach, it is essential to make sure shades that complement each other are used.

Update the Blog Regularly

Many customers discover new services and products by clicking on the business blog. If a website has what is known as a “dead blog” on their website, they are wasting space and losing potential customers. The best way to avoid this problem is by posting regularly to the blog and ensuring the information that is posted is interesting and informative.

When a company takes the time to do this correctly, it positions the business as an expert, which encourages users to make a purchase or follow the call to actions intentions. It also shows the business owner (or employee that handles the blog) is passionate about what they do, which is always an attractive selling point.

Responsive Design

Don’t forget that today, most web browsers are mobile and a website should be easy to see and use on any device, regardless of how large or small the screen is.

When a business owner follows these tips, they can avoid some of the most common website design mistakes. However, remember, there are still other considerations when creating and managing a website. It’s a good idea to re-check everything before launching a website and to update regularly. It is equally important to keep your website secure and up to date with the latest CMS and Plugins, while also making content changes to the site throughout the website lifespan.

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