Using animated videos for small businesses ensures that such business will enjoy limitless benefits. In short, they are fun, they can create trust, and are very persuasive too. According to our survey, we found out that up to 44% of the known video marketers originally make use of animated explainer videos. Do you wonder why? You shouldn’t since there are so many benefits to enjoy.

However, small businesses may not know if animated video is necessary to them or not. For the sake of this blog, we will be discussing things that will show that small businesses need animated video.


  1. You are not Quite Interesting

It is not that easy for someone to agree that his or her business idea or business is not quite interesting. Moreover, everybody is very passionate about their businesses. As a result, they may find it very shocking when they realize that their Company or product is uninteresting.

In short, there is a need for your business to be interesting, also your business content to be interesting as well. The important thing to a small business owner is acquiring customers and making sure that you retain them. Moreover, the perfect way you can get customers is by catching their interest. Thus, it provides the reason for animated videos.

Most people enjoy viewing animated videos due to the stories they tell. Moreover, their stories are presented in a digestible and fun format. As a result, it is quite easy to attract customers with animated videos. Furthermore, you can even share the videos through the large reach of the internet. At least, the visibility of your small business will increase incredibly. In short, it has been tested and proven that up to 92% of people with mobile videos share their video. Furthermore, animated videos are the best way to present simple stories in an interesting and really fun way.


  1. Your Bounce Rate is High

Continuing from the point above, prospective customers are likely to leave if they find out that site is not captivating enough for them. Moreover, researchers have proven that it doesn’t take the visitors up to six seconds for them to leave. However, sites that are making use of interesting video content can attract customers. In short, it can captivate your visitors and retain them for about six minutes on your website.

The video content does not only retain visitors on your site longer because they are fun. In short, the showcase you as current and professional Company and this motivates people to transact business with your Company. Moreover, if you get the right animated video, it can showcase you as a specialist in the field.


  1. Your SEO Ranking Is not Okay

In case you are not aware of it, it is not everybody that has the tolerance to scroll beyond Google’s first page. As a result, it is important to be on Google’s first page. In short, you should move mountains to ensure that your business appears on the first page of Google.

Moreover, you shouldn’t delude yourself into believing that Google’s first page is specially reserved for big Companies. The truth of the matter is that either big or small company can appear on Google’s first page. All you need to do is get a high ranking SEO. That is why; since your business is small, you can improve your SEO by acquiring an animated video.

Moreover, according to statistics, the pages that have animated video have up to 53x more chance to be on Google’s first page. Furthermore, it is not only Google that does this. Even YouTube which is the second in line of the largest search engines does the same. Just the fact alone that you have an animated video can improve your visibility. As a result, you can be on the first page of the highest visited websites globally.


  1. Your Brand Lacks Humanity

Humanizing their brands has always been a great challenge to small businesses especially if it is Online-only and new Company. Moreover, customers are more comfortable with buying from a business they can trust and know about. That is why; animated videos are vital. They are the best way to break that barrier at least a bit. Moreover, animated videos can provide you with the opportunity to humanize your business. Also, it will enable you to built trust with your customer which is very much needed.

In short, there is nothing that can successfully humanize your brand like an animated video. This is because it allows you to build your character model based on your target customer. As a result, when prospective customers watch the video, they can associate with your characters. This will ensure that those customers will ultimately become faithful to you. You can always watch online videos that have the ideal relatable character to get an idea of what we are saying.


  1. You Should have the edge over your Competitors

Up to 68% of marketers have this belief that their businesses need animated videos. In short, they believe that it is crucial to the success of their business operations. This means that your competitors are also aware of this fact if you are. Moreover, most customers enjoy watching animated videos, and the majority of them love to watch it in a kind of marketing. Thus, if you don’t have an animated video while your competitors have, you are at a loss.  This means that whenever there is a viewing of your competitor’s video, your business will be suffering a loss.

Just like we discussed above, your brand video can showcase you as a professional, capable, and current business in your field moreover, if your video is excellent, the more better for your business to stand out.  Furthermore, with a qualitative animated video, you can have the edge over your competitors without a sweat dropping off you.



Overall, don’t say that your business can survive without animated videos. The truth is that your business cannot do without animated videos. Moreover, they are going to become prominent in the future. Also, they are all around you, affordable and perfect for small-scale businesses. Why don’t you go out there now and join the animated video marketing wagon and talk to the experts at Web Design Davao?