Will Google Ads be Beneficial In 2019?

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Google Adwords, Online Marketing

There is no doubt that the biggest network you can see today id PPC. Moreover, many business enterprises use it. Large Organizations and small businesses use it to generate lots of traffic to their sites. However, those that haven’t used PPC before may be wondering if “Google Ads will be beneficial” to them. I can simply answer yes! Google Ads is quite beneficial.

However, it seems that there is a need for more explanation than just answering yes! So if you want to know the things that make Google Ads very powerful before you are convinced that it is beneficial, just read down. Furthermore, if you have doubts that Google Ads may not benefit you, rest assured. This interesting article will elaborate more on the benefits of Google Ads which you can enjoy.

Benefits of Google Ads

Amongst the advantages you can enjoy from Google Ads is that it can produce results instantly. That is, immediately you got the approval for your campaign, receiving traffic to your site begins immediately. All you have to do is put in your target keywords, make your maximum bid, and you start benefiting instantly. You will be sitting there, and lots of traffic will be flowing into your site without much effort from you.

As a result, you will be wondering why you have been wasting money on other things. That is especially when it didn’t take you more than minutes to get results. Moreover, Google Ads is not like SEO which is another digital marketing strategy. This means that you don’t have to wait around before getting results. Some other processes apart from Google Ads will take months before you can enjoy their benefits.

Furthermore, you will never need to sign any contract, and this means your resources are not tied to the marketing strategy. On the other hand, you are quite free anytime to readjust your marketing expenditure by either decreasing or increasing it. With this strategy, you are provided with the opportunity to run a trial. If after the trial, you still decide that it will not work for you, you can cancel.

  • The Potentials of Google are Almost Unlimited

Google Ads is the best solution for you if you are searching for the marketing strategy that is scalable. Moreover, there is a provision of million keywords which you can use for your bids. Furthermore, newer ones are provided daily to give you an unlimited opportunity to your target audience. Since there is a provision of unlimited keywords for you to benefit from, you can always add new ones in your campaign to improve your traffic.

Immediately you are sure of a successful PPC campaign; you can then add to your campaign’s everyday spend to create more clicks. Keywords have a high ranking on the bidding system. As a result, when you pay more for each click, you are thereby increasing your ranking position. For instance, if your ranking position is currently on four, when you add to the average you spend; your position can leap to second instantly. This then means that the higher your ranking position, the more clicks, and traffic will be coming to your website. Thus, when you increase your keywords bid, many visitors will be attracted to your site just as you like and can afford.

  • Google Ads Comprises of Impressive Analytics

Built into the software of Google Ads are impressive charts and series of analytics. These statistics enable users to become aware of their campaign performances and to judge if they need changes. Moreover, the stats take care of almost everything. That is starting from the average spend per click to the ads conversion rate and position. Furthermore, with all these analytics very close to you, it is now easy for you to make decisions on the right place to use your resources.

On the other hand, if you happen to own an already high keyword, the best thing to do is increase the cost for it. Moreover, you can use new keywords to start your new campaign. However, if you have the stats already that say you have a successful, there is no more need to worry. All you need to do will be to improve on your daily spend for the current campaign. Thus, you will see your ad position move up the ladder thereby generating more profit for you.

With all these available Google Ads data at your fingertips, it is easy for you to get the evidence. That is to prove that Google Ads is beneficial or if they are not to alleviate the accountants or upper management worries.

  • You are Free Anytime to Cancel your Campaigns

Another benefit you can enjoy from PPC and Google Ads is the total freedom to cancel at any time. If you find out that the campaign is not yielding the profit you are expecting; you can cancel it immediately unlike the other marketing strategies like print marketing and SEO which needs to tie businesses up for many months.

What they do is if you signed six months contract with SEO and after three months, you don’t see any changes to the better, your payments will continue. Most businesses view this condition as a waste of their resources. However, with Google Ads, immediately you find out there is no improvement, you can cut off the campaign instantly. Moreover, there is a provision for you to pause the campaign so that you can continue with the campaign later. In short, Google Ads offers you the needed flexibility to exhibit total control over your finances. As a result, you don’t have to worry about contracts, fixed terms, and wasting your money.

  • Google Ads gives you an Edge over your Competitors

There are always competitors not minding the industry you belong to that are looking for ways to take away your traffic. Not minding whether they are running the SEO or PPC campaign, it is always a fierce competition. Fortunately, Google Ads can provide you with the option to beat your competition hands down at a reasonable price.

For instance, your competition may be spending many resources in SEO to remain at the top one position on Google. However, you can use your PPC campaign to beat them. If you use a particular keyword to bid for long, you can leap over the results of the organic search. Thus, you will be outranking your competitors that spent many resources on SEO. In case they already have a PPC campaign, it is possible for you to outbid and push them beneath you. As a result, your competitors will lose clicks and traffic.

Moreover, their site visitors will then be going over to your site instead. Furthermore, when you outbid the competition, it makes room for you to take away their traffic. Also, you can redirect their visitors to your website.

Will Google Ads be Beneficial in 2019?

After going through this article, you can now answer this question clearly and with confidence. Yes! Google Ads is beneficial. Moreover, they don’t only accept every size of business; they also advertise millions of other people. Furthermore, their cost is quite affordable. Google Ads is quite flexible if you consider that a business can start, adjust bids, or stop entirely. No wonder, Google Ads is very popular compared to other marketing strategies. Moreover, you can now see the reasons for its popularity. There is a provision to educate you more on Google ads Examples and Sizes if you want to become an Google Ads professional.

However, there are some cons associated with this process which we shouldn’t fail to talk about.

You can only benefit from Google Ads when you get real clicks from visitors. It is quite unfortunate that there are many fraudulent clicks around the PPC world. Most of their users don’t want to purchase your service or product. Moreover, they cost you a lot more in the long run. Also, they are increasing your average cost for each conversion. If there is a disadvantage to Google Ads, it is only this. However, you can stop this disadvantage from happening to your campaign by getting protection. We are HERE to guarantee your protection from fraudulent clicks. Furthermore, our protection will protect all your ads, and you can save much money with your Pay-Per-Click campaign.