The Five Content Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2019

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

As the business world changes daily, new technologies and accessories are also coming out to suit the trend. Geniuses upgrade the old techniques and as a result, quality increases. Thus, they expose audiences globally to excess content that they can’t process otherwise. However, no matter how fast these marketing changes occur, content marketing remains the same. To be precise, last year by this time, the industry estimated content marketing to go above $400 billion by 2021.

Furthermore, the constant growth of content marketing and approach upgrades, there is the need for an improvement in content trends. As a result, we are introducing the five trends that can change the views of Companies and their audiences. Also, these trends can help the Companies manufacture and make use of 2019 content. They are as follows;

Content Marketing looks more Like Marketing

Due to the daily stress in this industry, most people conveniently forget that this phenomenon of content marketing is new. They forget that some years back, most marketers regarded content marketing as a bonus project. Moreover, its role goes more to side project than a vital one. Marketers felt that content marketing is what they can do at their leisure. As a result, it plays second fiddle to the traditional marketing responsibilities and projects. However, the trend has changed now.

In the past, marketing relegates one-sided communications to the consumers. However, famous brands are fully aware that what creates the forum for two-sided relationships and conversations with audiences is content marketing. In short, this phenomenon has become more and more like marketing since marketing teams find it essential in every function. Moreover, there is nothing that can help you create your brand, gain trust, generate traffic on your site like content. In short, it can also ensure that you get qualified leads and much more.

Thus, content marketing has become marketing. Also, any brand that recognizes the important part content plays in effective marketing is paving their way to success.  

Strategy is Sure to Become a Necessity

With the continual growth of content marketing, the eyes of many Companies are now open. They no longer view content marketing as an afterthought remedy. It is now regarded as an essential instrument to accomplish their set goals. Although content marketing is a strong tool, it may not solve all your business goals all on its own. That is why; there is a need for a strategy for guidance to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The strategy can also help to gain audience engagement. Moreover, since various Companies have their individual goals, there is no way for different content strategies to function as one. However, general goals such as SEO, Lead generation and thought leadership remain the same. They can be the starting point for Companies to customize their strategies. As a result, they can create a strategy that can work perfectly on any goal that is vital to them.

With the ever-changing nature of sales trends, the major factor that can entice new customers is content. Moreover, according to the Content Marketing Institute, up to 65% of their content marketers who are successful own documented strategies. In short, with just content marketing assessment, Companies can identify their major goal. It can also help them to design a content strategy that can successfully meet it. However, with the importance of strategy, there is a need for Companies to make use of the appropriate instruments. These instruments will enable them to align their priorities and also write down their plans.

The Success of Customers Emerges as the Latest Frontier

Already, content marketing is taking care of various objectives and needs of different departments. Moreover, sales teams are utilizing content to enhance their pitches and improve their customer relationships. Even, brand managers are changing content to authority and goodwill. Not only that, even recruiters are broadcasting content online on the sites that best candidates usually visit to attract them. What content marketing can do for Companies is endless.

However, another avenue is emerging which is Customer Success. This new element is about procedures that Companies can use to provide their customers with optimum value for their services and products. This present era that requires personalization is no not satisfied with making sales or going over to the following one. Also, taking care of the arising complaints is no longer enough. What Companies need now is for their customers to gain maximum value out of their purchases.

Furthermore, they need to build solid relationships and also facilitate word-of-mouth marketing. In this regard, content enables Companies to equip their clients for success. Also, content highlights the maximum benefits of the Company’s services and products to buyers. Thus, it encourages clients to be on the lookout for the best instead of the worst. If a Company’s content strategy concentrates on their customer success, businesses can focus more resources on brand growth. Also, they can only utilize a few of their resources to quenching fires.

Marketing Funnel is Likely to Change Shape

It is common knowledge that marketing funnel can accept all and sundry. Also, it can filter their qualification processes and throw them up unceremoniously. Most Companies make the mistake of regarding their customers as their wallet’s gatekeepers. While on the other hand, their customers feel slighted at best or insulted at the end of their journey. However, with a load of good-quality content and a changed mindset, the traditional funnel can change. It can be replaced with something that is more effective and sustainable. The marketing funnel is now an ongoing cycle that can prioritize progressive engagement over the transactional relationship. As a result of this heightened concentration on nurturing, customers are likely to remain with you. Moreover, the post-sale will especially make your customers want to buy from you again.

Not only that, it can motivate them to recommend their colleagues and friends. If you have content at your beck and call, you can easily transition your particular brand from vendor to partner. To be precise, another person on your level is capable of undercutting your price. However, by continuously relating to your customers, forming a genuine partnership, and building a lasting trust, your power lasts longer.

Distribution Remains the Key to Success

It is useless to have the best content if no one else sees it except you. Since online and offline worlds are becoming congested, the best strategy is content distribution. It remains the important component for the best marketing strategies. Knowing the latest trends in social media is alright, but then, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for distribution. Marketing through email is also helpful, however; there is a need for brands to carry out in-depth research.

This research will enable them to find out the particular distribution channel that best suits their audiences. If you so much as include the physical documentation of content to specific products, it can become incredible. For instance, joining marketing and sales together can help to get specific accounts. It can also provide them with necessary materials directly. Furthermore, you can use speaking engagement as a medium to communicate your message to the audience.

Overall, there is a need for Companies to become enthusiastic and creative. This will enable them to ensure that their content reaches the notice of the appropriate people. There is no need for you to embark on a passive distribution or an afterthought distribution. Moreover, none of them will deliver what you want. Make sure that you do not waste your investment by not distributing your valuable marketing content.

Furthermore, 2019 promises to be the same for content marketing. This phenomenon will continue in its takeover since brands keep on upgrading their strategies. Approaching content marketing with a lukewarm attitude will no longer be acceptable. That is why Companies should choose to adapt to the current trend or fade into oblivion. Moreover, the reaction and response of marketers to this trend can cause their organization’s fate.