How you can select your Domain Name

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Domain Name, Online Marketing

If you want to open a company, secure another brand, or take your existing one Online, there is a need for a website. No matter whichever one you want to do, having your website is imperative. Moreover, having a domain name creates a huge impact throughout the web. It most especially, regarding the click-through rate that comes from searches to reference links, results from social media, brand recognition, offline advertising, and type-in traffic. Your domain name can make impacts on a great many places. For instance, your domain name can impact your online marketing and brands. In short, this is not a thing to ignore. That is why; we are providing you with how you can select your domain name successfully; they are as follows;

  • Make it to Sound like a Brand

You should endeavor to make your domain name sound just like a brand. This means that it should be recognizable to anyone that sees or hears it. That is why; you shouldn’t use numbers and hyphens since their sounds are not like that of brands. In short, their sounds are strange and generic. For instance, if you want to build a website for pasta that consists of pasta recipes. Also, you want to sell some e-commerce products that are related to pasta on the website; you shouldn’t choose;

  • If you choose this brand it will be difficult to brand, remember, or say.
  • com- This is unique and may sound brand able but to say it is quite a difficult task.


However, you can use;

  • com- If you use this domain name, you will get better results. Moreover, the name is memorable, unique, brand able, stands out, and have an amazing scientific connotation.
  • It should be Pronounceable

Your domain name should be pronounceable so that people can easily click or type a link. The reason you should make the name pronounceable is due to the “processing fluency.” This is a cognitive bias of individuals toward remembering only things that they can think about or remember easily. They include the things that we can pronounce even in our minds. However, it will vary depending on your target region or language. Moreover, if the name is not pronounceable, you are likely to lose your memorability and processing fluency. Furthermore, it can cost you the advantages of the brand recognition you have built.

  • Ensure that it is Short

When you come to choosing a domain name, the length is vital. That is why; it is advisable to make the name short. As a result, you can improve the processing fluency. If the characters of your name are short, it makes it easy to share, say, and type. Moreover, it is not likely to be reduced on search results and social media platforms. It is advisable to make it shorter.

  • The Bias Concerning .com

Some people wonder why there is rage about .com. After all, it has been in existence for over twenty years now. Moreover, there are other available TLD extensions to choose from. In short, the reason is that .com is the most accessible and recognized TLD.

Furthermore, the law of cognitive fluency states that it is better to make use of easier things. Most especially, something that human beings can associate with. Moreover, .com is the main TLD. In short, it is a must-have if you want the perfect brand able domain you can build up. Maybe if in the long run, you become successful, you would like to capture it right away.

However, in case the .com is not available to you, there are other ones to take — such names like; .co, .net, or any other well-known ccTLD. These are your best options. Moreover, some popular ccTLDs are like it for Italy and .ca for Canada.

  • Do not Infringe on other Company’s Trademark

It is important to be extra careful so that you don’t encroach on other people’s trademark. Moreover, if you are not careful, you may land yourself in legal action. That is why; your domain name should not be confusable to sound like that of another company.  Furthermore, if this confusion happens to be the case, it is likely that it will affect your brand.

In short, it is advisable to talk to a legal professional or an attorney if there is the likelihood of that happening. Moreover, it is a known fact that most Trademark owners may try to sue an owner of the domain name. It is most especially the legitimate domain owners who are using the name for their business that they target.

  • It should be Intuitive

The best domain name is the one that delivers the perfect idea of the site. If people can just look at your domain name and understand immediately what you do or what you can provide, it is perfect. For instance, if you use, people will know intuitively that your site is all about Pizza.


  • Let your Keyword Usage be Broad

The use of keywords in your domain name is quite helpful to cognitive fluency bias. Furthermore, it also helps if you are looking at it from the SEO perspective. Although Google is strongly biased if your keywords partially or match exactly to a domain name, your anchor text can remedy the issue. If you can get a keyword that will highlight in your domain the exact thing happening in your site, it is helpful. However, if you plan to get keyword rich or a domain targeted keyword, you should stop it.

Moreover, those types of keywords don’t have an impact, and they are associated with negative views. Especially to search engines and users, so you should avoid them. For instance, it not advisable to buy a domain name that is like or Instead, your domain name should be broad such as A very good example is or They do not have keyword richness and are not associated with what is happening on their website. However, they are appropriately branded. In short, its association is creative since “gusto” is the Italian version of “taste.” As it is, many people will feel tempted to check it out to know what is happening there.

  • You can Always Modify or Append your Domain Name

If you find yourself in a situation where your domain name is not yet available, you can always modify or append it. In short, you are free to add a prefix or suffix to it. Furthermore, you can also make use of any alternative TLD extension. Such alternate extensions that we have discussed previously. Moreover, it is beneficial if you can be creative a bit with your Online brands.

For instance, if your brand is Pizzaterra and you already have an address somewhere in Seattle where you have been selling the pizza. However, you want to go Online with your business. The best name you should go with is or You can even go with

After going through these rules, you can create an amazing name for your business. At least now you know everything about domain name bias, domain name choices, and what is appropriate and working this year.