How Much is the Production Cost of Animated Explainer Video?

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Explainer Video, Online Marketing

From our previous posts, you must have an idea of what an animated explainer video is all about. However, if you don’t know them, they are the fun, engaging, and short online videos most Companies use on their sites recently. Typically, their length reaches about 60 to 90 seconds. Moreover, they are used to promote and explain a Company’s service or product.

Furthermore, they are in various forms. The kind that is well-known among these videos is the “animated” version. However, there seem to be lots of confusion regarding the price and all that the explainer video contains. In short, if you survey this matter, you will be surprised at the overwhelming answers you will get. You may even get the answer that ranges from $350 to $35,000. Since there seems to be no fixed answer, you shouldn’t wonder why people are doubtful. Some people may even be wondering where they can fit in if such is the case. Most especially, if they are running a low budget and still want to get high-quality. This keeps them wondering whether they should use live video, whiteboard, or animated video. In short, this fact prompts so many questions from most people.

However, you should rest assure since this post is here to answer the questions for you. Moreover, it serves as a medium to explain the things that are contained in the animated videos. Furthermore, this post can also provide answers to the following questions;


What is the cost of an Animated Explainer Video?

The first thing you should know about is that whatever you pay for is what you will get. If you aim to create a video that people can react to as they watch it, then make it so. Moreover, you should endeavor to create a watchable video. It doesn’t matter if it is understanding, buying, signing up, or talking about something.

The fact remains that there is a need to produce a watchable animated video. For instance, great achievers like Salesforce, Apple, etc. do not cut corners in their production. Most especially, since they know that it is only a small investment compared to their production budget. Moreover, it is what will make their brand outstanding, people to respect their products and purchase them.

In short, if you are operating with a well-known animated video manufacturer, you should budget to spend up to $5,000 to $10,000 for each minute. Are you surprised? Well, it is quite shocking to hear this, but if things are broken down piece by piece, you will understand. For instance, if the price is divided into hourly rates as the big producers normally charge, you will notice that the price is quite safe. More especially, if you consider the quality they produce.

Example, for research and project discovery, it takes five hours. The hourly rates charged is $75 making the total to be $375. For scripting and revisions, the hours consumed is 25, the hourly rate is 75, and the total charge is $1875. Style frames, storyboarding, and revisions take 25 hours, the hourly rate is $60, and the total is 1500. For design, illustration, and revisions take 40 hours, the hourly rate is $60, giving the total of $3000. Image buying takes 1 hour, the hourly rate is $100, making a total of $100. For animation and revisions, 60hours, hourly rate of $75, and the total of $4500. Hours taken for voice artist is 3, the hourly rate is $100, making the total $300. For sound FX, design, and revisions the hours taken is 5, the hourly rate is $75, making the total $375. Purchases of music tracks take 2 hours, the hourly rate is $100, and the total is $200. It takes 4 hours for revisions and final editing, the hourly rate is $75, and the total is $300. For compression, it takes 3 hours, the hourly rate of $30, and a total of $90. It takes 2 hours for uploading and delivery, an hourly rate of $30, and a total of $60. For emails, meetings, and calls, it takes 10 hours the hourly rate is $60, and the total cost of $600. If you add together all these costs, you will be looking at the total of $13275.

This broken down processes will show you that video making comes from the hard efforts of a dynamic, talented, team of artistic professionals. Most especially; it comes from animators, scriptwriters, designers, illustrators, sound designers, voice talent, and many other creative people. Although these processes vary from each producer yet, with this particular process, you can grab the general understanding of what is involved.


The Production Process of Video Animation

 The estimated time frame that this production process should last is about four to eight weeks. This time frame is the maximum that the producer requires to finish all the revisions, writing, and design efficiently. It is possible though to rush the time frame. However, it may generate more cost. Moreover, the team in charge of the project will have to do overtime to enable them to complete the work. Furthermore, they are likely to be working on weekends also.

For the First Week Research and Kickoff

 In this first week, the producer will have to carry out thorough and careful research in regards to your Company’s brand and goals. As a result, you will have to be meeting so that you can agree on the right approach to the video. Moreover, you need to discuss the plan and the processes your production will need.

Ist Week Script Writing

There is a great need to get the killer script for the Ist week kickoff. That is if you want to captivate your viewers and to achieve your set goals in regards to your kickoff task. Most times, there is a need for revisions, back and forth movements to get the job right. Moreover, this is the most crucial, hands down element of the explainer video process. In short, if you are so unfortunate to get a script that is not productive, you don’t have any hope. That is why; you need to ensure that your producer writes a powerful, and engaging script that will be successful.


Style frames and Storyboards

It is the last script set that the artists will use to produce a storyboard. This storyboard is a typical sketch usually done with a pencil or digitally. It represents every single frame of the video. Moreover, it can provide you with the idea of the visual flow of your story. Furthermore, they will deliver two static renderings of the finished product of your video. As a result, you will be able to get the idea of the feel and colors of your video. There is the need to make sure that it is about your brand.


This process is where the skills of an expert voice artist are needed. He or she will come to the studio to record a read-through by the branding and script information. Most Companies usually have a stand-by voiceover artist for their recording while some of them don’t. The will have to go through a series of auditions just to select the right person to do the job. You should be very careful so that the studios will not use non-professional, subpar voiceover artist for your production. Moreover, those kinds of artists can never present your brand perfectly as it should. In short, you should know that the quality of your audio is greatly important.


Animation and Design

In this process, the artist is required to design all the video frames so that the animator can use them. Immediately, all of the frames are completed including the voiceover recording; the animator will then take over. He or she will have to break down each layer and carefully begin their animation piece by piece. Moreover, he or she will have to match each of the pieces to their particular voice recording.

When the production has reached this stage, any other changes you may like to make on the script will result in a huge kink on your timeline. Moreover, it may attract additional costs to the production.

Sound Design

Any video that does not produce good sound is quite useless. Moreover, it tends to be boring stuff. If the producer you are using for your video is reputable, then you are in for sound design. An expert sound designer will ensure that there is a story behind the sounds. Also, it will tell more stories about your brand just like the entire video. Furthermore, they will add the custom sound FX which will show the movements in your video. They may either create a complete custom soundtrack fit or choose a powerful track which is free of royalty.


The finishing process is carried out by the editor. He or she will combine the entire scenes with the last audio mixdown. The audio mix will include the render, sound designer, and then your video will be delivered in the appropriate format.


Things to Look-Out for In A Video Animation Production Company

  • Relationship

If you want to get the best video and benefit from the entire experience, you should go to a studio with the professional standard. Moreover, the video should be such that have a good in-house team who are interested in having a working relationship with you. As a result, you can communicate directly with their founding members. Also, you can involve yourself in the production process as you may wish.

  • An Entertaining Portfolio

There is no need to worry about price issues as long as you can get the best quality result and return.

Furthermore, even if you are to get a 20% increase in the conversion rate, it can pay for the costs of the video in one or two months. One major factor you should look-out for is whether the video they have entertaining. Another thing is whether their design style or illustration to your liking. Moreover, even though the message they are presenting is quite good. Their design and characters are not interesting enough; they can damage the image of your brand. In short, you should consider their effectiveness in conveying your message. Also, how well they can represent your brand. At least, you should make sure that they are the real deal, not the cookie cutter type.

  • Their Business Model, Quality and not quantity

You can see various animation video studies littered all around today. They are all busy releasing hundreds of thousands of videos monthly. Bear in mind that this process takes time, but these people are pumping video every other month. This type of studios wouldn’t have the time to spend on producing a quality message for your brand. In short, they will regard it as wasting their time.

That is why; you should steer clear of these studios because they are likely to produce an inferior video for you. Moreover, they may even outsource your entire production to another studio. You may be looking for a way to cut corners by going to them. However, you don’t know that it is the worst mistake you can ever make. In short, the money you saved by working with them will never cover the damage they will cost you.

Moreover, the damage of their substandard video production for your brand’s image will be irreparable.

  • Expectations and process

Without the processes and expectation from the studio, it is almost as if you gave your work to a freelancer. This is because; you are likely to carry out the entire project management. Moreover, you are going to meet so many issues such as; unmet deadlines, not having the right answer for top management, and getting more frustrations. You should stay away from this type of studios. This is because; they don’t have the skill and knowledge to produce effective videos.

  • How Fast they Reach the Problem

You should also consider how much time it takes their video to reach the customer’s problem and provide a solution.

  • Promises of Viral Reach

If your producer is making promises of a viral reach, you should be very careful. Moreover, it is not every explainer video that goes viral, and you may not want them. If you get millions of viewers without increased conversion or sales leads, it is of no use to you.

  • Check those that have done work for a Global Brand

It is a good sign that you are working with the real professional producer if at least, you can name one global brand they have worked with.

  • Quality Scripting

You should always work with a producer that has the best interest of your brand at heart. At least, they will carry out thorough research to know your product, audience, benefits, and results you are expecting. In short, their final script will present your story perfectly and in an engaging manner.

  • Sound Design and Quality

When the sound design and voiceover quality is low, it is quite off-putting and boring for a viewer. Moreover, it is a perfect way to lose your prospective customer.


Various Forms of Animation Explainer Videos

Corporate Explainer Videos  

This style of video is used to share and present your message in a professional, sophisticated, and great way.

Motion Graphic Animated Videos

These videos are based on non-narrative visuals but yet in motion. They include; photography, video, animation, films, etc.

   Cartoon Style Animated Videos

These types of animated videos are great since they will be telling your story with a conditioned format. Moreover, the format will represent fun things, childhood, and other make-believe.

Whiteboard Animation

In this form of animation video, your story is spread out on a whiteboard. It is also fastened in the post-production to make sure that voiceover matches with the drawings.

Kinetic type of Animation

In this form of animation, the motion is mixed together with the text. Normally, this form is used to illustrate or lay emphasis on vocal messages that clash with visuals. It usually perfect for movie quotes or song lyrics illustrations.

Live Action 

This form of animation video works well with motion graphic. Although this form is a bit costly, it is still one of the best ways. If you see anyone that is offering you this type of production at a pittance, run as far as your leg can carry you.


After going through this post, you are now aware of the many different styles of animation videos, prices, and Production Companies. At least, we are hoping that you now understand what is involved and what it takes for each video production. Moreover, you now know what to expect from a producer or studio when you want to do your animation video.