In case you want to include an animated video with your marketing system, it is a very good idea. Moreover, up to 30% of every Online traffic recently is made up by video. Also, about 64% of the users tend to like buying their products Online.

Check out this Example

About three years back, there was an animation explainer video which was produced by Crazy Egg. As a result of this animation, their monthly sales jumped by $21,000. Apart from the additional boost to their income, the content of the video piece was proven to be timeless. Up to today, Crazy Egg still makes use of the video piece. Thus, when it comes to ROI, this type of animation is an example.

The question here then is what the production cost of getting this type of Animation is. During your research about this project, it must have come to your notice that animation studios don’t show prices on their sites. However, the truth of the matter is that the production cost of animation varies. The reason is that animation videos are usually custom-made. As a result, there is a need to create a budget for the animated video just like other custom-made products. However, it is a bit complicated to carry out a budget for animated video. The reason is that various factors are involved in the budgeting. If you consider this American Express video, you will probably get an idea of what we are talking about. Making a budget for an animation video can be a great challenge. However, if you want an amazing production for your organizations, there are certain things you should understand. These factors are related to the budget cost, and they are the things that will enable you to create timeless video content.

The Secret Behind the Production Costs of Animation

The significant factors that affect animated video prices are the style and length.

  • Length

Anytime you go to an animation studio for a project, the first question they will ask you before telling you the cost is; the video length. The answer to your question is what will enable the studio to make a budget. Moreover, this budget will include the necessary animators and number of the designers required for the success of your project. Furthermore, it will also enable them to get the estimated production schedules and timely turnaround. If the length of your video is longer, you are likely to get the price at discount rate per unit scale.

However, you should bear in mind that the length of videos used for marketing projects shouldn’t last more than 60 seconds. However, if the animated video is for a training purpose, it may be longer.

  • Style

There is no need to waste your investment in a low-class video that is not likely to generate results. The animation studio will provide you with style selections that will enable you to produce an outstanding video that suits your brand. Formerly, the style used was Whiteboard Animated Videos which is well-known for explainer video formats. However, those styles are no longer the trend since they became dull and substandard.

The style trend these days are 2D cutout animation, 3D renders, frame-by-frame animation, stop motion, kinetic typeset, or motion graphics. When you think about the style of motion graphics or whiteboard animation, they cost effective. However, the other styles like 3D or 2D videos create substantial costs. Although these styles may look easy, in reality, they require dedicated hours of creating a convincing narrative and character design.

How you can Budget for the Animation Project

There are two major ways that you can follow this budgeting topic. They are as follows;

  • First, of, all, work together with the animation studio of your choice. Present them with the particular style you would like them to create. Then you can them require from them the budget for that project.
  • You can bring your already made budget to the studio and ask them to work the product according to your fixed budget.

Option one above is suitable for the projects that are unfit for standard frameworks. Moreover, it may not fit projects that the owner is waiting for the studio to do extensive conceptual work.

So How much is the Cost?

Looking at the above explanations, the production cost of animation is not fixed. Instead, it is dependent on various factors. However, we are going to use an example to give you the right idea. Check out this standardized instance;

  • If the length of the video takes 60 seconds,
  • The style for the video comes in a cutout technique with multiple color flat design,
  • With only two characters
  • It carries sound effects, music, and voiceover
  • The copyright covers private conferences, internet, and internal usage.

If you consider all of the above factors, the animation cost may be approximately 6-10,000 USD.

However, if you go to the 2D animated studio, they are likely to base their quote on per minute. As a result, the cost of a 60-minute video may cost you around 3,000 to 50,000 USD. The only one you can get at a cheaper cost than that is the whiteboard animation that is simple and has no characters. They may sometimes be simple graphics. However, the costliest are those that comprise of many characters, needs advanced search, directing, pre-development, and scriptwriting various camera angles — also the ones that are directing vast frame-by-frame animation, SFX, VFX, and television copyright. 

Regarding 3D animation, the production cost is higher. Thus, it may not show the perfect value for your money. The least cost of a 3D animation is up to 10,000 USD for each minute. This price is just for a no character simple video. Moreover, the models are adapted and bought online. In short, the cost can even reach up to 200,000 USD if you are talking about complex projects that have advanced features and multiple characters.


If this project is for your brand and it is for the first time, you should create a good impression. Moreover, you are aware that in marketing, first impressions matter a lot. That is why; you should be very careful with the offers you get. Furthermore, if you are offered prices that are lower than the ones stated above, you should beware. In short, the resulting quality will surely be tampered with. Also, getting an animation studio that is collecting cheaper may mean that they are not taking proper care of their productions.

Just bear it in mind that the first marketing impression you make may pave your way to success or your product’s detriment. Moreover, you are showcasing your brand in a new form to the whole world. Thus, it is sensible to add extra to the animation project investment. It will enable you to create a top-notch and amazing video that is enticing to your audience. Furthermore, also bear it in mind that animation videos that are branded are a beneficial investment that can help your business growth. Moreover, it can shine your brand totally in new form.

The important thing about animations is that they can produce;

  • Measurable ROI
  • Multiply your SEO results
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction, awareness, and engagement.
  • Seriously boost your conversions and sales

Overall, if you have the perfect animation video idea, do not fail to meet with an animation studio. They are the people that can help you to actualize your dream. Moreover, they can instantly boost your brand.