Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization, Website Design

It surprises me how many businesses have invested in a website in the past and yet have then never given it another thought. We have all seen these websites, they are the ones that have outdated information on them, or have a dated appearance that is not viewable on a mobile device in many cases.

Having an outdated website is not necessarily a bad thing, but a website does reflect your business and is meant to showcase your products and services. In many cases an outdated website will turn off prospective new customers from contacting a business and making an enquiry. This in turn means that businesses are losing potential new business simply by having an outdated website.

The aged argument is that, isn’t it better to have a website even if it is outdated and has incorrect information on it, rather then no website at all? This is possibly the case, but the better solution is to organise a website refresh, that could be just removing the outdated content and replacing with new relevant content, or in some cases you could start with a refreshed design and add your existing content.

A website refresh not only helps a business to reach more customers by working on more devices and browsers, but also allows the business to keep customers up to date with the their current business message. A website is a very powerful business tool and while it is typically seen as a once off thought for many businesses, if it is maintained and updated with regular fresh content the search engines will in turn rank the site better also. This means that new updated content on a website will help people find your business in Google searches.

I do recommend that if you are considering a website refresh for your business that you plan the message and prepare the content once you engage your web designer, that will allow for the designer to include your ideas on the refresh. Remember that there is no need to replace all the existing content on the current website though, much of that content will have SEO value and can be used on the new website in many circumstances.

A website refresh is a face lift for your online presence and generally will have some great results in terms of customer feedback and usability.